April 10, 2010


Guacamole ingredients list:

3 ripe avocados.
1 lime, juiced.
1 garlic clove, chopped.
½ fresh chili, seeded and chopped.
2 tablespoons of coriander, chopped.
Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Instructions for Guacamole:

In a bowl, put half the lime juice, the chilli, the garlic and the coriander.

Halve, stone and peel the avocados; then chop roughly and add to the bowl.

Mash with a potato masher, then season with the salt and pepper.

Add the remaining lime juice.

Put the guacamole into a suitably sized container; then cover, making certain that there are not any air pockets.

Cover and chill until time to serve.

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