August 7, 2010

Jamaican BBQ Sauce

Prep: 15-20 mins.- Cook: 10-12 hrs. - Servings: 4 to 5 cups
 " Note can be used with any recipe calling for BBQ Sauce "

  3 (10oz) cans. chicken broth
  2 (12oz) bottles dark beer
  1 Lg. white onion, chopped
  1 Lg. red onion, chopped
  2 bunches green onion, chopped
  2 T. fresh minced ginger-root
  1 (4-1/2oz) can chopped green Chiles
  4 T. tamarind concentrate
  2/3 C. molasses
  4 T. dark brown sugar
  2-1/2 T. ground allspice
  4 tsp. pepper
  4 tsp. cayenne pepper
  2 tsp. cinnamon
  2 tsp. nutmeg
  1 tsp. dried thyme
  3 tsp. salt
  3 tsp. turbinado sugar *
  2 T. soy sauce
  2 T. white wine vinegar
  2 Lg. green Chile peppers
  2 Lg. Jalapeño peppers

      Combine all ingredients in slow cooker, mixing until well combined.

   If using green fresh Chile peppers and jalapeños, roast and chop the peppers before adding to ingredients.
To roast peppers, place peppers over hot grill, turning until browned on all sides, or heat in a greased skillet over medium high heat until browned. Chop peppers, discarding the seeds, and add to slow cooker. mixing well.

  Cover and cook on low setting for 10-12 hours, until sauce has reduced and thickened. Use as a topping for grilled chicken or pork.

* turbinado sugar is a honey-colored, large crystal sugar. If you are unable to find turbinado sugar, additional dark brown sugar can be used.


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