December 11, 2010

Oysters Bingo

  6 fresh Oysters
   1 oz Butter or Vegetable Oil
   1 Tbsp Oyster Juice 
   1 Tbsp White Wine
   1 cup Flour, seasoned with salt and pepper
   1 Tbsp Shallots
   1 Tbsp real Lemon Juice
Lightly bread 6 oysters in seasoned flour. Melt butter in pan and sauté both sides of the oysters until golden brown. Remove oysters from pan and keep warm in oven. Turn off heat and add the wine, oyster juice, lemon juice, and shallots to the butter that the oysters were sautéed in. This will make a creamy sauce to pour over the oysters. Serve oysters on your favorite pasta, pouring sauce over top.

Found on: fishex

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